Ways to Stay Active on Campus

According to Good Call, “For every extra hour that students exercised, their odds of graduating (or returning the following year) increased by 50 percent. Activities included intramural sports, time at the rec center, or taking group exercise classes.” They measured the recreational levels of 20,000 university students.

It is very important for students to get active while at university. It is important to not only exercise to take a break from studying, but also for the health benefits as well.Take the stairs

1.Take the stairs

Next time instead of taking the elevator, try to take the stairs instead.

2. Go to the gym 

If you are looking to burn a few calories a few times a week, this is a great option. School gyms have long operating hours, which is great for students with busy school schedules.

3. Take an exercise class

Sometimes, going to the gym isn’t for everyone, taking an exercise class is a great way to get in shape and gives you the chance to meet people and make new friends.

4. Join an intramurals’ team

Universities offer many different levels of intramurals, so there is a team for everyone. With a wide range of different sports available, anyone can join a team.

5. Walk or bike to school

If you are living close to school, why not try to walk one day a week, rather than drive or take the bus. If the school is not quite in walking distance, consider taking a bike.

If you want to check out more ways to stay active while at University, or even some healthy recipe ideas visit The Ultimate Guide to Staying Fit as a Student

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  1. Hilary T says: Reply

    This is such an important post for post-secondary students to read. Although there are mountains of schoolwork it’s vital to remain active! I personally loved the de-stressing aspect of a yoga class or other fitness class to get out any aggression and to see friends.

  2. I agree with Hilary! I used to bike to class every day and it was amazing how refreshed and ready to focus I was.

  3. I am always confused when people take an elevator instead of stairs to a 2nd floor 🙂 Health is all about building habits. Great summary!

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