Money Saving Tips for Students

Let’s face it, University can get very expensive. After paying for tuition, rent and spending money on textbooks, students will find themselves spending thousands of dollars. This is not even taking into account the money students will spend on grocery shopping and food in general. You may not be able to lower the price of tuition, but here are some ways that you can save money in other ways.


1.Canadian Living suggests that students set a spending budget for themselves.

Understanding the difference between a want and a need is very important.

2. Go grocery shopping on ‘Student Days’.

A lot of grocery stores offer at least one day a week where University and College students are able to receive a discount on their groceries.

3.Utilize money saving apps.

Flipp, for example, is one of my personal favourites. This app allows you to search through flyers online or on your cell phone and search for weekly deals. This app is the modern day form of couponing.

4.Take public transportation or carpool when you can.

Many universities include a transit pass in the cost of tuition if there is a bus that travels on your route, utilize it.


5. Find student discounts.

Not only grocery stores offer student discounts. Student loyalty programs such as SPC card offer deals for multiple stores and restaurants across Canada to students who purchase their card.

6. Pack a lunch for school

Buying food from the grocery store and making a lunch can often save you more money in the long run rather than purchasing food from the cafeteria on campus.

Fun Fact: According to On Campus Advertising  “students spend more than $13,000 per year. Of this amount, about 19% is allocated towards discretionary items. This means students are spending about $211 per month on items like clothing, video games, jewelry, technology, etc.”



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  1. Zohra says: Reply

    Great tips!

    1. rhall says: Reply

      Thank you Zohra!

  2. Saumay says: Reply

    I did not know that there are “Students day” in grocerries stores. Thanks Racheal.

  3. Thanks for this Rachel! It’s very informative. I really need to learn to pack my lunch everyday, that’ll save me a couple hundreds over time.
    Sucks the african grocery stores don’t have ‘student days” 🙁
    Great Post!

  4. Cassie says: Reply

    Rachel thank you so much for this, it’s so informative and I think I’ll be using Flipp very soon!

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