Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to University

During my last year of university, there were many times that I thought, ‘I wish I knew that before I started university’, or ‘that would have been helpful to know’.  That’s why I am writing this post today, to share things that I wish I had known before starting university.

First, going to university straight from high school is a drastic change. There are far more students, it’s a larger campus and in general, it can be extremely overwhelming. One thing I wish I had known was that it is going to be harder than high-school, and that you need to actually try and study. Schulich Leader Scholarships blog, discusses this further.

Don’t forget to actually experience university, and to make the most of the time spent there. This means that your entire time spent at university doesn’t have to be spent studying.

  • Your grades you get in first-year, can affect your averages for the rest of your university career
  • Before exams check out where you’re writing, so that you don’t panic when your exam day comes
  • Take advantage of free food
  • Know which microwaves are good, and clean
  • Take advantage of school events, like basketball games, frosh week ect
  • Take advantage of your TA and profs office hours –Why it’s important to talk to your professor

Maclean’s Magazine, also gave some tips on different things that many university students wish they had known first-year.

Fun Fact: According to CBC, only 39.5 percent of freshmen reported that they studied at least six hours a week as high school seniors.


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  1. Cody Cabral says: Reply

    Awesome post – all useful things for anyone entering college/university!

    1. rhall says: Reply

      Thanks Cody!

  2. Zohra says: Reply

    Great blog post and tips!

    I also went to Brock and it is a fabulous university. I also regret that I didn’t take advantage of what it had to offer and that I didn’t fully take in university life. I think I was too busy with the actual work and lost perspective of everything else.

  3. Totally useful and accurate… especially the “take advantage of free food”! Love it.

  4. Rebecca says: Reply

    It is crazy how fast university flies – love the tips. Looking back, I definitely think, if you can, going on a international student exchange and taking time to travel during university is a really good idea for personal growth.

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